What's included in the FULL COVER PACKAGE?

You'll receive: 

Exclusive/Commercial license (see question 8 )

▪ Full print cover files for all required Print-on-Demand (POD) platforms (KDP, IngramSpark, D2D, etc) (all dimensions covered; 5x8", 5.5x8.5", 6x9", etc) (not included if you're purchasing e-book option)

Poster quality art file (with or without the cover text)

Full PSD (Photoshop) layered file

E-book file/s (as many sizes / file formats as you need)

Mock-up image (see my COVER GALLERY for examples)

Audible/audio cover (if required)

What's the typical turnaround for a project?

This varies from project to project, but a rough estimate is 1-3 weeks.

What genres do you work in?

Any.  You can see my COVER GALLERY for the wide range of styles and genres.

What information do you require before starting a cover?

I'd like a short synopsis, and any genres/themes you want conveyed on the cover. Your target audience. Character descriptions if required.  Title (or working title), author name, and any blurb/s you want on front or back (if you have one yet).

If you have an idea for the imagery of the cover please keep the description concise.  Providing reference images is also a help if you're looking for something specific.   

A page count is very useful for me to determine the spine size and therefore the graphic dimensions of the piece before starting work (approximate or exact). Also, let me know if you have a target publishing date.

Do you work better given a specific brief or when you're given more freedom?

Usually the latter.  Too many specifics will hinder the process and will most likely result in an inferior cover. If you have a very visually effective idea coming into it then of course I'll facilitate it as creatively as possible.   

Do you present sketch options before the actual design?

Yes, I can provide as many visual ideas/sketches as you want (within reason - and after the initial payment) before we commence with the final design.  The process varies a bit between projects, so you might find a design I do without any prompts to be perfect, or it may require a few variations and visual searching before something is produced that we are both perfectly happy with.  

Will you read my work before designing the cover?

Absolutely, but it's not usually necessary if the information you provide is clear and concise.

Do I own the rights to the cover design once I purchase the FULL COVER PACKAGE?

Yes, you'll own the exclusive rights to use the cover design however you like.  I reserve the right to include any cover in my portfolio or for advertising purposes.

Do you do all the artwork?

Yes (all the artwork and designs you see on this site are my own - including photography). Stock imagery will be added to the price of the package.  

What software do you use to create covers?

Photoshop only.

Do you use A.I. to create the cover art?

Nope, haven't succumbed to the digital overlords yet.

What's your preferred method of communication?

I prefer to keep it to emails only.  This way I can keep track of every last detail.  A lot can be lost in a video chat.  We can also communicate via FB chat or WhatsApp if you like.

How quickly do you respond to emails?

I'll get back to you within 24hrs.

I have a project that needs to be completed in just a few days.  Will you charge more for the faster work?

I may apply an additional charge, but it depends on the project, and how busy I am. 

Are all the fonts used copyright-free?

Yes, all fonts are either designed by me or are in public domain.  If you require a specific licensed font, that will be added onto the full price.

Do you use stock images in your work?

Not generally, but if you would like a particular stock image, that will be added to the price.

Can I post draft versions in my social groups?

It can be detrimental to seek opinions from non-professionals.  A design-by-committee approach is almost always ruinous for a cover (especially when it's a small group with distinct and standalone opinions), so I'd rather you didn't post work until it's complete, unless it's for a very particular reason that I know the cover will benefit from.  All the work leading up to the final design is 'under construction' so not necessarily ready for public eyes. 

Any more questions? JUST ASK